Planned Giving

The task of ensuring Santa Margarita's future rests with those who invest in the school with a vision for tomorrow. Planned giving is a way to leave a lasting legacy of support for the school. There are many vehicles to make a planned gift, all of which provide their own opportunities and advantages for you and Santa Margarita.

Contact the SM Eagle Foundation for assistance:
949-766-6080 or


A valid, updated will is the cornerstone of an effective estate plan, and a bequest is a provision in your will to make a gift to the future of SMCHS. Please notify the school if you have already included, or plan to include the school in your estate plans. Planned giving, wills, trusts or retirement plans, can be an advantage both to you and to SMCHS by securing your future and the future of the school as well.


Gifts of real estate including personal residences, vacation homes, commercial properties, farms, and unimproved land may provide exceptional tax benefits for the donors while providing support for the school. If the ownership of the unencumbered real estate is transferred to SMCHS prior to its sale, the donors will likely avoid the capital gains tax associated with that appreciation.


A major gift to SMCHS may be funded with a new or old life insurance policy at a relatively small cost. There are many ways in which life insurance policies can be used to make a contribution, all of which provide tax deductions and may enable donors to make a larger gift than otherwise possible.


In giving securities to the Santa Margarita Eagle Foundation that have increased in value since you bought them, not only can you take the current market price as a tax deduction, you owe no income tax or capital gains tax on the increase. This is an excellent time to take advantage of large increases in your securities holdings. Some donors have stocks that have appreciated over time and would rather donate these than cash to the school. These gifts are unique in that the donor can take a federal tax deduction for the full, fair market value of the stock, regardless of how much the donor paid for the stock. No capital gains taxes apply. For more information please call the Foundation Office at (949) 766-6080.

Gifts of appreciated stocks or mutual fund shares provide immediate support to the school. Donors may realize substantial tax savings by transferring appreciated stock or securities to the school prior to the sale. Capital gains on the amount of appreciation may be avoided, and the donors receive a tax deduction based on the fair market value of the stock or property at the time of the gift.

If the stock is in a brokerage account:

STEP 1: Contact your broker to have the gifted stock transferred to the Santa Margarita Eagle Foundation. Below is the information you will need to proceed with the transfer:

General Information
Official Name: Santa Margarita Eagle Foundation
Corporate Tax ID: 83-3567955

Investment Contact:

Heather Adams
Meritage Wealth Management
LPL Financial, Acct.#1160-6012                                                                                      

Please Click here to complete the “Authorization for Transfer of Gift Securities” form and forward it to:

Santa Margarita Eagle Foundation
Attn: Laurie Beach
22062 Antonio Parkway
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Phone: (949) 766-6078


If the stock gift is in the form of a stock certificate registered in your name(s):

STEP 1: Deliver the stock certificate(s) plus a signed “Authorization for Transfer of Gift Securities” form to the address above. The donor’s or donors’ signature(s) on the Third Party Release form must be notarized for the foundation to deposit the stock into the account. Your tax deduction is the median price of your stock on the date the stock transfers to the Santa Margarita Eagle Foundation or the date you deliver your stock certificates.

Please contact the Laurie Beach, Executive Director at or (949) 766-6078 for further assistance.